About IT16

We provide realisticly priced Computer and Gadget Help in the Charente region of France and web design world-wide. Please be aware our site uses cookies and by using the site you confirm your acceptance of this.

Our Vision

With 7 years in business in the UK and 15 years experience in the IT field we're here to help people and small businesses with their IT.

We make your online life less stressfull, solve your tech issues and offer advice.


Our Mission

We can advise on any tech issues you may have with PCs, Laptops, Tablets, digital TVs and other techie stuff that you may not be used to.

Phone advice is free. Pop us an email with your number and we can call you free. We can help by taking control of your PC and show you what to do. We can colour laser print A4 posters or tri-fold brochures and inkjet print A3 posters. We charge €30 an hour for local clients if we travel up to 30km from Montemboeuf there is an extra travel charge of €10. Between 30km and 60k there is an extra travel charge of €15 or over 60km  an extra charge of €20.  After the furst hour we charge €10 for every 20 minutes or part thereof.


Our Future

Our web site charges are very transparent, we can provide a single page web business card on our incharente.eu site for free.

If you want an email address and up to three pages for on incharente.eu it will cost 75 a year. If you want a full web site then it's just €15 a month or €175 a year. Contact us for a quote! All our Web Sites are secure and use the https:// protocol.


IT Surgery @
Le Soleil Couchant Bar

The first Thursday of every month - 1pm to 3pm


Join Ron at Le Soleil Couchant, Plan D’Eau, 16310 VERNEUIL for a FREE monthly IT Surgery where you seek advice about your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Internet or Smartphone problems. If attending with a specific question please email Ron at surgery@it16.eu beforehand with and idea of your problem in case Ron needs to being equipment or software with him.

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